Customized translation

99SAFOT TRANSLATION SERVICES provides verbal and written translations
in a multitude of language pairs and areas including translations that have special requirements and approaches. 99SAFOT has a tried and true translation team.
Each of our translators is skilled, experienced and has proven track records in their field and language pair.
Together with 99SAFOT’s team, we pay close attention to every detail our client’s need to provide optimal professional solutions.

Customized translations for:

- Website translation
- Technological application translation
- Menu translation
- Marketing translation
- Articles & Documents
- Simultaneous interpretation
- Consecutive interpretation

Translation Languages :

Translation into Hebrew, Translation into English, Translation into French, Translation into German, Translation into Arabic, Translation into Japanese, Translation into Spanish
Translation into Chinese, Translation into Korean, Translation into Russian, Translation into Italian
Translation into Portuguese, Translation into Romanian, Translation into Ukrainian,
Translation into Dutch, Translation into Swedish, Translation into Amharic, Translation into Tigrinya and more...

How does 99SAFOT TRANSLATION SERVICES professional team handle customized services?

1.First we thoroughly check the goals our clients want to achieve with their translation.
Is the translation needed locally or abroad? Who is your intended readership?
Is the material business oriented, technical, private documentation?
Each target readership needs the appropriate linguistic style and attention paid to colloquialism, correct terminologies, localization, and more.
2.Choosing your professional translator based on her or his mother tongue and language pair proficiency.
Depending on the type of work you need translated, we’re happy to offer examples free of charge and let you choose the translator.
3. Our translators prepare for taking on your work by conducting a comprehensive background study on the internet or other relevant sources.
If you have additional materials that can assist the translator, such as preferred terminologies, they’ll be integrated into the translation.
4. Where relevant, before starting out on the full translation, we’ll provide you with an initial sample by your chosen translator and wait for your approval to continue.
5. If the translator comes across any issues or has questions concerning your text, we’ll be in touch with you immediately for feedback.
6. Once the translation is completed, our internal QA involves having another translator check the document for content and language.
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הקטנת גופן
גופן קריא
גווני אפור
גווני מונוכרום
איפוס צבעים
הקטנת תצוגה
הגדלת תצוגה
איפוס תצוגה

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למרות מאמצנו להנגיש את כלל הדפים באתר באופן מלא, יתכן ויתגלו חלקים באתר שאינם נגישים. במידה ואינם מסוגלים לגלוש באתר באופן אופטימלי, אנה צרו איתנו קשר

רכיב נגישות

באתר זה הותקן רכיב נגישות מתקדם, מבית all internet - בניית אתרים.רכיב זה מסייע בהנגשת האתר עבור אנשים בעלי מוגבלויות.