99Safot Translation Services

99Safot Translation Services was established to address written and spoken professional translation and language needs with an emphasis on dynamic professionalism suited to the pace of our current world. As our client, you enjoy personalized service and backup from your first inquiry to the completion of your work to your satisfaction.

Quality professional translation requires translators who are highly proficient in their language pairs and in diverse professional fields. They must understand the culture and nuances of the languages they translate from and into, and must know how to localize the translation for the destination language and target reader.

99Safot Translation Servicescarefully chooses and screens its local and international professional translators to ensure they hold the experience necessary for your work. Our translators are proficient in diverse fields of expertise, which lets us offer you virtually round the clock service.

99SAFOT Translation Services. Founded by Arian Refaeli. Managed by Shirly Aharon.

Shirly Aharon

Businesswoman and entrepreneur who established the PROFILER1 startup and served as its CEO, additionally responsible for project management integrating diverse interfaces.

More recently, Shirly accrued experience in the world of translation services, managing projects for commercial companies, lawyers, accountants, medical institutions, financial institutions, and more.

Together. A winning team.

99SAFOT TRANSLATION SERVICES provides professional translations from every language and to every language, including Hebrew, English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and more;

And in multiple fields such as: legal translation, business translation, financial translation, technical translation, marketing translation, medical translation, website translation, technological application translation, simultaneous translation, and more.

99SAFOT TRANSLATION SERVICES has set its vision at being a leading translation company in Israel, providing optimal solutions, addressing all needs, quickly and appropriately for each of your needs in any area of expertise and language.

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